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By joining the 164,840 creators and publishers who are already Sacem members, you will protect your works, receive royalties, and benefit from a host of services and advantages.

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If you are a member, Sacem collects royalties for the use of your works in France and abroad and distributes them according to strict rules.

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  • The European Parliament rejected the negotiating mandate of the Copyright Directive

    32,000 European artists signed a petition, artists spoke out all over Europe and yet MEPs rejected early July the negotiating mandate of the Copyright Directive...

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  • MagSacem n°100

    A society at the service of all and adapted to everyone / Evolve, adapt... and remain vigilant about authors' rights / Cultural and Creative Industries / Fred Rister / Sacem Museum

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  • General Assembly of Sacem : results of your votes

    For the first time in Sacem’s history, Sacem members were able to elect their representatives online, and vote on a number proposed statutory and regulatory changes exclusively through the member’s area at

  • Behind every song....

    The people who light up your day live off authors' rights

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