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By joining the 161,000 creators and publishers who are already Sacem members, you will protect your works, receive royalties, and benefit from a host of services and advantages.

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If you are a member, Sacem collects royalties for the use of your works in France and abroad and distributes them according to strict rules.

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  • Grands Prix SACEM 2017

    The ceremony will take place live on

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  • SACEM renews its Board of Directors

    SACEM’s members given an opportunity to elect a Supervisory Board for the first time

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  • SACEM: improved governance and ever greater transparency

    On Wednesday 1st March, after an Extraordinary General Meeting in the presence of nearly 350 of SACEM’s voting members — authors, composers and publishers — SACEM adopted a statutory reform of exceptional scope.

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  • Sacem and IBM create URights, a new platform for managing author’s rights for online music

    This is a 10-year strategic alliance just signed between Sacem and IBM.

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  • Behind every song....

    The people who light up your day live off authors' rights

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