Sacem guides you step by step to defend your interests regarding social protection and training. It also assists you in implementing your creative projects and offers exclusive benefits.

Social protection: what provisions for creators?

As an artist-author, you are affiliated with the French Social Security General Scheme (managed by Agessa – Association for the management of authors’ social security) only if you are a tax resident in France.

This affiliation entitles you to basic health coverage and basic retirement benefits.

Above a certain income threshold, you are also affiliated to Ircec for a complementary pension. Depending on the nature of their activity, artists-authors pay contributions to one or more complementary retirement schemes managed by Ircec (Racl, Raap, Racd).

As tax resident, Sacem membership entitles you to complementary health insurance Smacem (mutual health insurance for authors composers and publishers of music). You must apply for it individually. The registration threshold is actually 8 000€.

For any questions you may have about your social coverage, please contact Social Affairs Department (

As Sacem membership, you have also access – with no condition of residence – to different funds wich can help you and protect you from various pitfalls in your professional career : Mutual Aid Allowance Scheme (RAES), solidarity fund and Comité du Coeur (read more hereafter).

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To support you step by step in implementing your creative project, Sacem offers special aid programmes for:

  • creation,
  • production,
  • live performance,
  • professional integration.
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