a society managed by its members

Sacem members run their Society. At the General Assembly, they elect the members of the Board of Directors and statutory committees.
The General Assembly is held every year, on the 3rd Tuesday of June.
Through the different committees, nearly 100 creators and publishers represent you in Sacem and the music business.

Through the different committees, nearly 100 creators and publishers represent you in SACEM and the music business.

2024 Annual General Assembly

Sacem’s General Assembly will take place on Tuesday June 18 2024


Members, for the 2023 Sacem’s General Assembly, you will vote for 3 following votes:

1/ Vote to elect your representatives:

- Board of Directors
- Supervisory Board

- Programmes Committee

You can also vote online on 2/ Decisions and Resolutions and 3/ Statutory-Regulatory amendments.


 > Consult results of the 2023 elections
Consult results Decisions, Resolutions, Statutory and Regulatory amendments submitted to your vote in 2023



Board of Directors and committees

An essential body, the Board of Directors decides on the Society’s main orientations. Its policy and decisions are implemented by General Management and all Departments.

SACEM’s governance is also composed:

  • The Supervisory board oversees the activities and accomplishments of the missions of the SACEM Board of Directors and CEO.
  • The Ethics committee Its objective is to anticipate, identify and manage conflicts of interest.

To exercise its activity, the Board of Directors relies on:

General Management

The Sacem Board of Directors appoints the Director General (CEO) who is in charge of implementing the policies defined by the Board members under the leadership of an Executive Board. The Society’s activity is structured within major divisions, each one depending on an Executive Board member:

  • Membership,
  • Licensing,
  • Network,
  • Legal Affairs,
  • International Affairs,
  • Information Systems,
  • Strategy & Resources.

The members

elect the Council

which appoints the director