Discover Musicstart

March 2023

The first 100% digital service for protecting your work.

Musicstart is a service that delivers a certificate establishing the anteriority of your works that can be used in case of litigation. This can be done in less than 2 minutes and at any stage of the creation process!

What is the goal?

Obtaining proof of authorship in a secure and transparent way using blockchain technology.

What are the main advantages?

  • The service is free for Sacem members
  • It is simple to use (a fully online process that takes just a few clicks)
  • You get proof of anteriority via a certificate that is valid for life and saved in the blockchain
  • Sacem is your trusted third party

> Go to your member account > My dashboard > Protect a work with Musicstart

Important information

  • Musicstart is replacing provisional works registrations
  • As the submission of the sound file or score and text is optional for some works, use Musicstart to obtain proof of authorship of your works.
  • Listing a work on Musicstart does not entitle you to royalties. You absolutely must register your works with Sacem as early as possible before they are broadcast or listened to.


> Consult the questions and answers on Musicstart

> Consult the procedures for registering works




Published March 15 2023