March 10-19, 2023

A must-attend event for professionals in the cultural and creative industries from around the world, South by Southwest returns for a new edition from March 10 to 19 in Austin (Texas).


SXSW has become a major event for the music ecosystem. It’s an opportunity for Sacem’s teams to meet entrepreneurs, start-ups, and innovative companies ready to reinvent the music industry of tomorrow.

The event will feature conference sessions, film and television festival screenings, music festival showcases, lectures, contests, award presentations, and much more.


SXSW 2023 - La French Touch

On this occasion, Sacem will take part in the operation "La French Touch Rendez-Vous" led by La French Touch and Bpifrance on March 13, in partnership with Deezer and Orange and with the participation of the Villa Albertine and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

This initiative, making its début at SXSW, will bring together entrepreneurs, creators, and key players in the French cultural and creative industries. Throughout the day, SXSW attendees will be able to discover the excellence of French creativity and innovation through quality panel discussions. Topics will include the rise of the French Touch Movement, the opportunities Web3 presents for music, the importance of musical innovation and some of the advances around the metaverse.


This panel will focus on the opportunities Web3 presents for value creation, with input from Julien Dumon (Sacem), Kevin Primicerio (Pianity), and Cerrone, with moderation by Coralie Doyen (Wallifornia). Their conversation will cover the current state of Web3 in the music ecosystem and the actions taken by Sacem and its partners to structure these new fields of expression.

Cerrone, whose 50-year career makes him the godfather of disco, will share his thoughts on the evolution of the music industry and the potential for NFTs in music, drawing on his experience dropping an NFT of his track "For You" exclusively on Pianity.


After launching the MusicStart service last fall during the MaMA event, Sacem, via its private subsidiary URights, continues to develop the service internationally. Check out the on-site demonstrations at the BPI France stand.

MusicStart is aimed at all creators, from amateurs to musicians in the process of becoming professionals. It enables them to provide proof of anteriority for works they have created — in less than two minutes and in a few clicks.

Every time a song is played, almost anywhere in the world, it generates publishing revenue. Until recently, authors, composers and publishers had to rely on the collecting society in their home territory to collect these revenues. Now they can choose which society collects royalties for online distribution of their music in Europe — and in most countries other than the United States — even if they are already members of another authors’ society.

"How Global Collecting Societies Change Publishing": This is the theme of the panel moderated by Rob Levine (Billboard), with Julien Dumon (Sacem), Mary Megan Peer (peermusic), and Tobias Holzmüller (GEMA).

Their talk will allow us to compare the American model with that of the European societies.




Published March 08 2023