Authors, composers, publishers: participate in the life of your Society

May 2017

Elect your new representatives from 18 May on!


SACEM’s Annual General Assembly will be held on Tuesday 20 June 2017 at 2:30pm at SACEM headquarters, 225, Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Sacem is governed by its members, the authors, composers and music publishers, as a co-operative. They elect from among themselves, those who represent them and manage their society.

Go to your member page, from 18 May, 2017, to find out about the candidates and the agenda.

How to vote?

- On line from your member page, from 9am, 18 May to noon, 19 June. You will be redirected to the secure on-line voting site Election Europe
- By correspondence for professional and permanent members until noon, 19 June. Voting documentation will be sent to you by post.
- On the spot at the AGM, at Sacem headquarters in Neuilly-sur-Seine, 20 June (polling stations open 1 - 4pm)

To be Elected

The members of the Board of Directors

Being a permanent member for at least one year or a professional member with two consecutive terms on a Statutory Committee (Art. 14 of the Articles of Association)
7 positions: 2 authors, 1 author-director, 2 composers and 2 publishers.

The members of the Supervisory Board

Being a permanent member for at least one year or a professional member with two consecutive terms on a Statutory Committee (Art. 22 ter of the Articles of Association)
6 positions: 2 authors (or authors-directors), 2 composers and 2 publishers.

For the initial formation of the Supervisory Board at the General Assembly on 20 June 2017, all 6 members must be elected. In each category (author or author-director, composer and publisher), the candidate with the most votes will be elected to a three-year term and, in order to provide for renewal of one half of Supervisory Board members per category, the second candidate will be elected to a two-year term.

The members of the Programmes Committee

Being a permanent or professional member for at least one year (Art. 24 bis of the Articles of Association).
3 positions: 1 author, 1 composer and 1 publisher.

Others Bodies:

Regulatory Committees

- Audiovisual Committee
10 positions: 3 authors, 1 author-director, 4 composers and 2 publishers
- Symphonic Music Committee
12 positions: 8 composers and 4 publishers
- Popular/Variety Music Committee
15 positions: 5 authors, 5 composers and 5 publishers
- Author-Directors Committee
8 positions: 8 author-directors

Technical Committees

- Phonographic Self-Production Committee
9 positions: 3 authors, 3 composers and 3 publishers
- SACEM Heritage and Remembrance Committee
9 positions: 4 authors, 1 composer, 2 author-directors and 2 publishers
- Members’ Professional Training Committee
10 positions: 10 members
- Young Audiences and Cultural Action Committee
5 positions: 1 author, 1 author-director, 2 composers, 1 publisher

For further information

... on the elections, how to vote, the committees’ roles and operation, consult SACEM Articles of Association and General Rules.


SACEM members: stand for election to SACEM governing bodies before 31 March 2017. For all the details on the positions to be filled, click here.

Published March 23 2017