Discover the new version of the « My detailed distribution” service

July 2022

In your member account on, your services evolve...

In your member account on, you have access to a set of services offering a dynamic presentation of your distribution data: Summary of my distributions, My detailed distribution, My account statement, etc.

In June 2021, a brand new version of the summary of your distributions was put online. For the July 2022 distribution, you’ll discover the new version of My detailed distribution as well as the history of your royalties and the ability to export your distribution data.

My detailed distribution


- Details of your royalties, work by work
- An audiovisual view, by movie title or series episode
- Filter by categories, types of use, users, countries, and more.
- Exceptional presentation, transparency and ease of access to your distribution data

History of my distributions


- 7 years of historical data, with a view by year or by distribution
- Your top 5 works
- Details on the evolution of your royalties, work by work
- View a comparison of several different works

Export my data

- 3 types of files at your disposal: all your distribution data / an audiovisual view by film title and series episode / an export dedicated to online use with details of royalties by type of offering or subscription to streaming platforms

- The ability to select multiple distributions and multiple accounts to build your exports

- The files can be downloaded instantly


- To help you, consult the dedicated tutorial





Published July 08 2022