Join Sacem in just a few steps
You are a composer of electronic music

If you wish to protect your works and receive royalty payments for their exploitation, join SACEM and its 176,150 members, creators and publishers.

Membership conditions

You must:

  • Have composed at least 1 work.
  • Provide proof for when the work started to be used:
    • Distribution, streaming, downloading platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music...): a screenshot of the site establishing the availability of the work .
    • Sites hosting content (YouTube, Facebook...): a screen shot of the site showing the number of views. The minimum number of views must be 1000.
    • Concert, show, television, radio, telephone message and other public executions: a public broadcasting certificate.
    • Sound recording or video media: a copy of the commercial media cover on which the title of the work is mentioned.


  • Remixes of live musical works: you collect royalties and have also collected them for the original works from the creators. In this case, you should send SACEM a "Broadcast statement - electronic music".
  • Remixes of musical works for commercialisation: prior authorisations are necessary. You have to ask the creators of the works you are remixing.

To learn all the details of your status, consult the booklet "Creator of electronic music: join Sacem".


  1. Send to Sacem your application for admission accompanied by the supporting documents, the declaration forms and the operating documents, the acts of accession and the payment of the entry fee of €154 (€10 of social share capital* and €144 membership fees).
  2. After receipt by Sacem, your application is presented to the Board of Directors which will decide on your admission.
  3. Your membership card will be forwarded to you.

The process, starting from the moment we receive your complete file, lasts between 12 and 30 days.

*See articles 6 and 7 of the SACEM Articles of Association.


  • You have the obligation to register all your works. You agree to respect SACEM Statutes and General Regulations.
  • You entrust the Society with the right to license your works or forbid their performance or public communication (television, radio, concert, show…) and reproduction (records, cassettes, videos…).
  • Moreover, you retain complete control over your moral rights: no arrangement or adaptation of your works may be registered without your consent.

They are

The Social Affairs Department is very supportive, which is important when starting a career in creation.

Laurent Van Craenenbroeck
Dubbing dialogue writer

Feeling free and protected. Feeling at home with SACEM. Having to do only what we do best: songwriting!

Elodie Hesme
Lyrics writer

Our business is protecting Creation and promoting what there is between the notes: Emotion.”.

Philippe Daniel
Publisher - Melmax Music