If you write songs, lyrics, sketches or music... If you play your works, if your creations are performed in public...
If they are played on television or on the
Internet... If they are recorded on CDs, DVDs, digital media...

Make sure that your works are protected and that you receive royalties. Join the 176,150 creators and publishers who are SACEM members!

Being a SACEM member
brings many advantages

You join
176,150 members

in all fields of creation who have placed their trust in SACEM. Your works are protected as soon as they have been registered, even if they are still unfinished.

You receive royalties

when your works are exploited (concerts, radio, television, Internet…) in France and abroad.

You can request assistance

for your creative work and support in your professional life. You can seek advice for health insurance and retirement benefits.

You have access to a dedicated services page

where you can manage your account, works, rights and royalties, and take advantage of exclusive offers.

Protect your works

If your works are used abroad

You know your works are used abroad (radio, TV or the Internet, reproduction on CDs or DVDs; public performances).

Contact the International Affairs Department, which will contact the foreign authors’ societies so you can receive your royalties.

Consult works used abroad

Key figures

more than 2.4 million works

registered every year


bound by reciprocal or unilateral agreements: 178 contracts in 97 countries