GENERAL ASSEMBLY & ELECTIONS 2021: consult results!

June 15th

The General Assembly of Sacem took place on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.




You were invited to vote – exclusively by electronic means – from Tuesday May 25 2021 (9:00 a.m.) to Tuesday June 15 2021 at the end of the General Assembly debates. There are 3 different ballots:

- 1st vote: election of members of the Board of Directors and the Programmes Committee
- 2nd vote: approval of decisions and resolutions
- 3rd vote: approval of amendments to Sacem’s  Articles of Association and General Regulations

> Consult results of the elections your account!

Multiple votes: Electronic voting now makes it possible to manage multiple votes: a single person can vote as many times as he or she has member status: as a creator and/or as a publisher and/or as an heir. A person who is the legal representative of several publishing companies is entitled to vote on behalf of each of them.

Heirs: Sole heirs are automatically registered on the electoral roll. If there are several heirs, the heirs must designate a “proxy,” the person who will exercise the right to vote on behalf of the succession (either one of the heirs, or a third party who is a member of Sacem and belongs to the same category as the member whose rights the heirs have inherited.)

Publishers: Publishing companies that have several legal representatives (or none at all) must designate the person who will represent them and vote at Sacem General Assemblies (either one of the legal representatives or another person holding a management position within the company).

Proxies: Any member may be represented by another member of the same category (creator or publisher) to participate in and vote at the General Assembly. No proxy so designated may be entrusted with more than five mandates.

> For more information, contact the Department of Social and Professional Affairs (01 47 15 47 10).

> Consult Invitation to the Sacem General Assemblies (in French)


Sacem's annual General Assembly took place on June 15 2021 at 2:30 pm, via a live broadcast from your account.

In accordance with Article 107 of the General Regulation, any shareholder may submit a specific question to the Annual General Meeting by sending it to the society's Board of Directors electronically, to the address, at least eight days in advance. The Board of Directors must forward this to the General Meeting, which will always have the right to dismiss questions it deems irrelevant.

After the debates, the Assembly will announce the results of the elections, as well as the vote on resolutions and decisions, and the amendments to the Articles of Association and regulations. You can read all about it in your member’s area on from June 16 2021.



Published June 15 2021