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As a member of Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music:
- your works are protected regardless of how they are communicated to the public or used
- you can take advantage of special support and simplified procedures.

Make the best of your rights with SACEM

When licensing the communication to the public and reproduction of your works, SACEM:

  • collects royalties from users,
  • compiles setlists specifying the works used or reproduced,
  • collects and distributes royalties among members four times a year.
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SACEM offers you support

and support

Comité du Cœur, Fonds de Solidarité… A whole spectrum of solidarity and support from SACEM.


Sacem has dedicated support programmes that can help you set up your creative projects.


Sacem PLUS: exclusive offers with selected partners to help you on a daily basis.

a society run by its members

Run by its members since 1851 and represented by democratically elected creators and publishers, Sacem constantly defends, protects and supports all authors, composers and publishers of music.

Authors, Composers, Publishers, every year, you may:

  • submit a candidature,
  • vote,
  • attend the General Assembly.


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